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Empowering Madison County with Google Tools

In the ongoing effort to enhance digital literacy across Western North Carolina with WNC Communities, we recently hosted a highly successful Google training session at the Center Community Center in Madison County with Patsy as the host. This session, held on June 21, 2024, focused on mastering Google Calendars, a vital tool for personal and professional organization. Our third class in this series was designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their schedules and coordinate events using Google Calendars. The session saw an enthusiastic turnout, with community members eager to leverage these digital tools for greater productivity. The Center Community Center, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, provided the perfect setting for our interactive workshop. As participants gathered in the well-equipped space, they were able to engage directly with the training materials and receive hands-on guidance. The picturesque surroundings of Madison County,
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How does Transylvania County, NC connect the community through and with technology?

  Today, the Rogow Room is packed at the library in Brevard with an 'age-friendly' exchange of technology support. Through the Trees, a local non-profit organization, is at the forefront of bridging the digital divide in Transylvania County. Their mission to connect the community through technology is evident in the various programs and events they organize. In the recent gathering, participants engaged in activities aimed at enhancing digital literacy. Sessions included password management workshops, interactive exercises involving ChatGPT, and discussions on upcycling tech. Through the Trees provides valuable resources and support to help individuals, especially the older population, become more comfortable and proficient with modern technology. For more information about their initiatives and how to get involved, visit their website . FYI - This article is estimated by Marc to be a 95% start with his content (including the picture) and 5%  improvement by ChatGPT.

Enhancing Digital Skills for Workforce and Volunteer Development in WNC

In the scene it shows a community center where diverse individuals are actively engaged in learning digital skills.  Some are using laptops and tablets, while others participate in a workshop led by an instructor, set against the backdrop of scenic Appalachian Mountains typical of the Western North Carolina region. The learning atmosphere is vibrant and collaborative, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy for workforce development. This Broadband Breakfast webinar focuses on enhancing digital skills for workforce development. Key topics include the importance of digital literacy in today's job market, practical tips for improving digital skills, and resources available for continuous learning.  Experts discuss how digital proficiency can lead to better job opportunities and career advancement.  The session also highlights various training programs and tools that can help individuals and organizations stay competitive in a technology-driven environment. Digital Skills Trai

Welcoming Petunia Basket: Enhancing Community Spirit at Madison County's Center Community Center

  A simple yet charming petunia basket graces the entrance of the Center Community Center in Madison County, NC.  This vibrant display is more than just a pretty sight; it symbolizes the warmth and hospitality of the community center, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore the myriad resources available within. A Symbol of Welcome The petunia basket, with its mix of almost red-white-and-blue blooms, exudes a sense of tranquility and beauty.  Its presence at the community center's entrance makes an immediate positive impression, creating a welcoming atmosphere.  This small gesture goes a long way in making the center feel approachable and friendly, encouraging community members to step inside and engage. Hub of Resources Beyond its inviting exterior, the Center Community Center serves as a hub of resources for Madison County residents.  Among its many offerings, the center places a significant emphasis on digital literacy.  With the rapid advancement of technology, digital

Empowering Rural WNC: Leveraging Digital Tools for Personal and Community Growth

  In today’s digital age, mastering online tools is essential for both personal and community development. For rural communities, such as those in Western North Carolina, understanding how to effectively use these tools can open up a myriad of opportunities.  This blog post will explores how community centers can become hubs of digital literacy, focusing on essential services like Gmail, Google Calendar, internet security, Google Drive, and Zoom. Gmail: Your Gateway to Community Communication Why Does Email Matter? Gmail is more than just an email service; it's a gateway to professional opportunities and a crucial tool for personal organization. What Are The Key Email Features to Explored in Class?   - Creating and managing email accounts.   - Understanding inbox organization and email etiquettes.   - Using filters and labels to stay organized. Google Calendar: Scheduling Made Simple Why An Online Calendar Matters? Keeping track of important events, deadlines, and appointments is e

Welcome WNC Communities Digital Leaders Class of Madison County

  Welcome to Fast Internet With the advent of new fiber optic broadband connectivity in communities, particularly those in more rural or underserved areas, there opens a vast horizon of opportunities for growth, learning, and communication.  One key element in harnessing the full potential of this high-speed connectivity is the understanding and adoption of Google Apps productivity suite. This suite, encompassing tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more, stands as a cornerstone for fostering digital literacy, enhancing community engagement, and driving economic development. Why Google Apps? Google Apps productivity suite offers a comprehensive set of tools that facilitate collaboration, communication, and information management in an efficient and accessible manner.  Here are a few reasons why understanding these tools is crucial for communities: Enhanced Communication Gmail and Google Meet break down geographical barriers, enabling community members to communicate wit

About the Digital Literacy Network

  Digital Literacy Network - DigLit.Net Digital literacy includes skills required to use technology safely, effectively and responsibly at digital citizens.  As technology continues grow into daily life, the importance of learning digital skills is important for life including volunteering, employment, healthcare, education, and more. DigLit.Net is an online toolset to support in-person instruction.   The Digital Literacy Network includes: Websites that are simple and effective Professional email for scalable communication Productivity suites including: Google Workspace Microsoft 365 Hardware support of operating systems that include: Apple Chromebook Windows 11 Social media  Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube Channel - Author and videographer, Marc Czarnecki. 828-367-7570