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Find Wi-Fi with the Facebook App

How do you find Wi-Fi using the Facebook app on a smartphone? The Western North Carolina Broadband Project has insights for users and Facebook business pages.  

Bluetooth - What is it?

What is Bluetooth? Wireless speakers, earphones, hands-free calling,  how does Bluetooth work? 

Loaner Hotspot Program in Buncombe County

  Bridging the Digital Divide Thanks to Land-of-Sky Regional Council of Governments, the WNC Broadband Project, Buncombe County Libraries, and NCWorks Asheville; a limited number of free Wi-Fi hotspots are available for a 30-day loan at: Buncombe County Library   NCWorks Asheville Users are encouraged to call ahead at the library location or NCWorks Asheville to: Check equipment availability Request a hold Additional Details 30-day loan Filtered for students Perfect for checking email and browsing the web Use Wi-Fi with your smartphone, tablet, or computer Use as a portable internet while you work For anybody 18+ years old Comes with USB-C cable and AC adapter  Contact the Digital Literacy Network for more details at 828-365-8299 or  

Teach Seniors New Tech

New Tech Learnings Technology is constantly changing and improving lives.  New hardware, new software or software updates.  New tech means new learning opportunities to benefit you. For the the 50+ community, whom, how, and where are digital skills taught?   Digital Hygiene? Privacy and Security? Big Tech 'got-yaws'  Upskilling for family, health, and employment? Hotspots for Internet Do you need an internet connection for a computer, tablet, or smartphone?   Thanks to Land-of-Sky Regional Council of Governments, hotspots are available for loan at: Buncombe County Libraries Computer and/or Hotspot Loan Program NCWorks Asheville, 48 Grove Street 30-day loan Filtered for students Perfect for checking email and browsing the web Use as a portable internet while you work For anybody 18+ years old Call-to-Action Join the Digital Literacy Network and advocate for building digital skills for the older communities in Western North Carolina. Tech Contact Email Call 828-36

Age Bias Tips for Getting A Job

CareerOneStop has several tips for addressing age bias in your work aspirations. Marc Czarnecki of the EWI Team reviews the stereotype and resolution in this YouTube video, referencing the Career One Stop web page that also mentions the stereotype that "Olders works lack technology skills or will require extra training time."

Digital Citizenship Means Digital Literacy

  Digital Citizenship Digital literacy has been defined in many different ways by many different people. First, let's put digital literacy in context starting with digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship Defined Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use, including broadband or high-speed internet. Digital Citizenship Nine Elements Digital Access : full electronic participation in society Digital Commerce : electronic buying and selling of goods or services Digital Communication : electronic exchange of information. Digital Literacy : process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology. Digital Etiquette : electronic standards of conduct or procedure. Digital Law : electronic responsibility for actions and deeds Digital Rights & Responsibilities : those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world. Digital Health & Wellness : physical and psychologica