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No BS Job Search Tips for Experienced Workers

How do you learn online? Here are 3 online tools for your to learn online, for free; at your convenience.  Each of these will provide online learning and networking knowledge to help your job search. YouTube -  10 Mistakes Older Job Hunters Make LinkedIn Learning and Networking - Apple Podcasts - Do you need tech help looking for employment in Asheville?   Call  828-251-6200 x254 to  schedule an in person or virtual meeting with Marc at NCWorks AVL. Business Services are also available by emailing  

iOS Speed Test Apps - by Marc Czarnecki

Tech Republic's article 'The Best Free Speed Test Apps to Check Your Internet and Wi-Fi Network Performance" prompted me to review these apps on my iPhone 12. "In the remote work era, reliable Wi-Fi is a must." Fast and stable internet connections on solid Wi-Fi networks are crucial for me in this age of remote work and media streaming. Unacceptable Wi-Fi performance for me causes dropped video calls and glitchy cloud based interactions. Although there are a number of apps on the market to me assess the wireless networks at my home or favorite coffee shop; this TechRadar article prompted my to download and check these 'five of the best free solutions to test network performance, locate nearby connectivity and more.' Speedtest by Ookla iOS Ookla Speedtest Results - Screen Shot of acceptable internet speed for a video conference with multiple individuals. Apple's App Store lists this app as 4.1 stars of 5 with 10.4K reviews. It also places this app as