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About the Digital Literacy Network

  Digital Literacy Network - DigLit.Net Digital literacy includes skills required to use technology safely, effectively and responsibly at digital citizens.  As technology continues grow into daily life, the importance of learning digital skills is important for life including volunteering, employment, healthcare, education, and more. DigLit.Net is an online toolset to support in-person instruction.   The Digital Literacy Network includes: Websites that are simple and effective Professional email for scalable communication Productivity suites including: Google Workspace Microsoft 365 Hardware support of operating systems that include: Apple Chromebook Windows 11 Social media  Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube Channel - Author and videographer, Marc Czarnecki. 828-367-7570

Web Tech Czar’s 1st Tech Journey to Madison County

On March 15th, Asheville 'Meet the Geeks' Marc Czarnecki embarked on a journey to the Laurel Community Center in Madison County to instruct on Gmail use on Windows 11 laptops. Madison County, NC is northwest of Buncombe County and paints a history rich in the meanings of Western North Carolina. Tech Journey to the Laurel Community On Friday March 15th ‘Meet the Geeks’ Marc Czarnecki takes a journey to Madison County.  The objective of this journey is to provide instruction on the use of Gmail on newly acquired Windows 11 laptops.  This journal-post references some of the experiences of Marc's tech journey. It all starts on Friday morning, March 15 at 8:00 a.m. from Asheville, North Carolina.  The spring day is an unusual day in  March where there's a light rain starting and unusual thunder and lightning.  The drive from Asheville to Madison County leverages the use of Google Maps navigation on Marc's phone.  The journey took a surprise turn when Google Maps notifie

Bridging the Digital Divide: Enhancing Digital Literacy in Western North Carolina

  In the heart of Appalachia, Western North Carolina (WNC) is known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant communities. Yet, amidst its natural beauty lies a challenge that is increasingly significant in our digital age: the digital divide.  As a Business Services Representative focusing on workforce development in the region, I've seen firsthand the impact that limited access to high-speed broadband and digital literacy can have on individuals and small businesses alike.  Addressing digital literacy in WNC is not just about providing internet access but empowering our communities with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a digital world. Why Digital Literacy Matters Digital literacy goes beyond the ability to use a smartphone or navigate social media platforms. It encompasses a range of skills that are essential for participation in today's economy, from accessing government services online to utilizing digital tools for education and business.  For small businesses, dig