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Internet Speedtest - What is it on a desktop?

Internet Speedtest What is an internet speedtest and why is it important to understand? Although your time, patience are two of the most significant considerations; during a video conference interview, high latency could mean gaps in audio and video between participants.  A slow download and upload speed may limit a family's ability to communicate via a video conference if the broadband speed is low. Hotspots can be sufficient for cellular broadband needed for basic web browser searches and reading email; provided there is a cell tower providing service in the proximity of the hotspot.   Local libraries are a great option if faster internet speed is needed for downloading or uploading content, photos, videos, or video conference connections.  Techopedia. (2014, March 4).  Internet Speed Test .; Techopedia. ‌

Laptop & Hotspot Loan Program - Buncombe County

  Now more than ever, access to broadband is critical to participate in online learning, access medical care via telehealth, search for jobs, or simply to stay in touch with family and friends.  Buncombe County Public Libraries (BCPL), in partnership with Land of Sky Regional Council is pleased to announce the launch of the Library Laptop Loan Program on April 16, 2021, as many in our community rely on their local library for connectivity. Buncombe County News :: Buncombe County Public Libraries to Launch Laptop Loan Program to Help Bridge Digital Divide . (2021). ‌

QR Code Demo

 QR - Quick Reader Code Demo A QR code is a Quick Response code that is machine-readable.  It consists of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. Below, the Digital Literacy Network's Marc Czarnecki shows how a smartphone app uses the code to quickly provide an option from the camera app to open a link to the URL or Universal Resource Link (a web address); in the example below the QR code goes to a YouTube virtual demo of their community meeting room.

Tech Help at Buncombe County Libraries

 Free tech help is available for 60+ year old seniors that are Buncombe County residents. FRIDAY @ West Asheville Library SATURDAY @ both Pack Library and East Asheville Library Times both days: 10:00 a.m. to noon.                             AND 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bring your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet and our Digital Literacy Network will provide technology assistance for you.

Passwords with Big Tech Silos

Passwords with Big Tech Silos Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and other big tech companies want to keep your eyes in their environment.   Marc's Google Sheet summarizes the big tech silos and their features .   These big tech silos have an email and password combination that is unique to their ecosystem. When you change passwords, if you don't understand the big tech application silos, you may get confused on password maintenance or updates. On YouTube On Facebook

Reskill, Nextskill, Upskill with your Digital Literacy Network

Skills for the Older Worker How do you effectively support lifelong learning and upskilling for the older, experienced worker? Re-skilling Next-skilling Up-skilling Computers and use of broadband to share and engage content is mission-critical to this aspiration. The Land-of-Sky Regional Council of Governments 'Digital Literacy Network' is here to help. Contact a member of our team today and consider attending our lunch-and-learn event: Experienced Workforce Initiatives Asheville 50+ Works Event Learn more about privacy and security between the tech giants of Google Apple Microsoft Facebook. Attend In Person Tuesday June 22nd 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. NC Works 48 Grove Street Asheville, NC 28801 Attend Virtually via Zoom  Register at Zoom

Your Library is Available for Digital Literacy Help

  The recently opened East Asheville Library is available for your print and online needs.  Digital Resources at the Library Desktop computers to borrow High speed internet Laptop loaners with hotspots Study rooms with a smart monitor to mirror your computer device Study rooms with external monitor Digital Literacy Network resources are also available to assist 60+ year old Buncombe County residents. Contact us today and a member of the Digital Literacy Network can be scheduled to meet with you at any Buncombe County Library. 

Free Smartphones Help Provide Digital Literacy

  Smartphone Help If you qualify, Assurance Wireless periodically sets-up a tent in Asheville and provides a free smartphone for life's needed communication from friends, family, employers, and more. Phone calls Text messages Weather forecast checks Web search Video content If you are 60+ years old and you are a Buncombe County resident and have questions or need help in using an Android or Apple smartphone for employment or careers, please contact a member of the Digital Literacy Network . A member of our tech team will setup an appointment in-person or virtually. Learn More About Assurance Wireless Phone

Job Readiness Boot Camp Starts June 14th

 Job Readiness Boot Camp is a one-week program that helps students prepare for  certain aspects of career readiness, such as discovering strengths and talents and  learning from failure and how to move forward. They develop a written plan of  action for career paths and educational goals to stay on target.  M-F, June 14 - 18, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., 30 minute lunch   Ferguson Ctr. AHWD, Asheville Campus  Fee Waived for unemployed and underemployed individuals.  See this PDF for more details. 

Achieving Digital Equity Is Within Our Reach

Gov. Roy Cooper proposes investing $1.2 billion in federal American Rescue Plan funds in these key pillars necessary to close the digital gap: infrastructure and access, affordability, and digital literacy.  By investing in these key pillars, we can achieve digital equity for all North Carolinians. The Digital Divide | Broadband Infrastructure Office . (2021). ‌

$17 Dollars An Hour Job Fair - Tech Support for 60+ y.o. BC Reseidents

Digital Literacy - smartphone, tablet, computer help is available for 60+ y.o. Buncombe County residents for those that need help with technology in the employment process.  Our team is here to help older workers with resources to support their technology needs related to employment with: Career development Resume Employer info search Education Computer skills Mobile phone knowledge Training needs associated with computers and apps from Microsoft Google Apple Schedule an appointment today! Contact a member of the DigLit Team today. $17 Dollars An Hour Job Fair - Tech Help Marc Czarnecki with the Digital Literacy Team will be available at this upcoming job fair to help you in-person with you tech questions.

Digital Literacy with your Smartphone

Mobile Phone Statistics Mobile is Taking Over Desktop Use 51% of the time spent online in the US is on mobile devices . Social media takes 25% of all digital media consumption and it is mainly accessed on mobile. Mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% compared to the desktop market share of 44.2%. 40% of people search only on a smartphone. More than half of all video views come from mobile devices. If you are 60+ years old and a Buncombe County resident seeing employment tech assistance, contact the Digital Literacy team to schedule time for one-to-one help for your: Mobile device (Android-Google or iOS-Apple)  Desktop computer (Mac, Windows, or Chromebook)

Being Money Savvy Can Also Mean Being Tech Savvy

As you read the Penny Hoarder article below, count how many times the 'saving money' topic can be associated with digital literacy. Set a goal to become more digitally literate today. If you are 60+ years old and a Buncombe County resident, please contact a member our Digital Literacy Team.

Set Goals - Strategize - Implement Your Career Plans with Digital Literacy

Set Goals - Strategize - Implement Plans What is your employment strategy and how does digital literacy support your efforts?  At foundation, setting goals, have strategies, make and implement goals. How does your digital literacy network blend into this objective? Start with a meeting with the Buncombe County Digital Literacy Network resources: Contact the B-C Digital Literacy Network If you are over the age of 60, contact us by: Emailing Calling 828-365-8299 As an experienced worker - set goals, strategize, and plan your career next steps with the help of technology including the use of the internet, computers, and best practices for the online world.

Easily Present Your Organization Details on Zoom

  Do you have a newer laptop?  If it meets the requirements, you can easily have a background that represents you message (and note your home or other) How Do I Put A Virtual Background on Zoom? You don't necessarily need a 'green screen' to have a virtual background on Zoom video conference calls. Web Tech Czar's Tips for an Easy Background Check to see if your laptop meets the Zoom virtual background system requirements Upload to Zoom a high quality image to the video settings.  You can also use a free image editor, like Canva.  It has Zoom Conference Background templates. Do a test. Want more Digital Literacy help? Schedule an in-person or virtual digital literacy session for free, if you are a Buncombe County, NC resident and you are over the age of 60. Contact Digital Literacy Help Email Call 828-365-8299 

Sparkle Your Skills by Considering the Workforce Continuum

Learn more about the workforce continuum and how you can upskill your professional learnings by: Volunteering Stipend-based work Part time work Full time work Entrepenurialship  Attend this July 14th Facebook live event and sparkle your skills for career opportunities with Asheville 50+ works insights.   

Worker shortage creates “golden opportunity” for those traditionally underemployed

  Opportunities are available in Asheville and in Buncombe County for the older worker. Think about the #workforce continuum of: Volunteering Stipend-based work Part time Full time Entrepreneurial  As a 60+ Buncombe County resident, learn tech skills to improve your #digitalliteracy and job opportunities today. Contact for Employment Tech Assistance 60+ Year Old Buncombe County Residents can schedule an appointment: 828-365-8299

Marc Czarnecki - Intro

  Schedule an Appointment Marc@DigLit.Net Call 828-365-8299

Digital Literacy

  Digital literacy refers to an individual's ability to find, evaluate, and clearly communicate information through typing and other media on various digital platforms.  It is evaluated by an individual's grammar, composition, typing skills and ability to produce text, images, audio and designs using technology. ~ Wikipedia  In Asheville and Buncombe County North Carolina; the Digital Literacy Network supports 60+ year-old worker in the workforce continuum of: Volunteer (and learn new skills) Stipend-based work Part time work Full time work Entrepreneurial opportunities  Email for more information or call him at 828-365-8299

Dig Lit Net is Born

The Digital Literacy Network or DigLit.Net is born to: Assist older workers age 60 and beyond with digital literacy skills that will help these older adults more effectively access employment, education and training. Oversee part-time employees of Land of Sky Regional Council who are providing digital literacy skills  Develop innovative, career-focused outreach and recruitment strategies to serve older adults with digital literacy skills. Work in collaboration with staff at the NCWorks Career Center Asheville Mountain Area Workforce Development Board AB Tech Area Agency on Aging Experienced Worker Initiative - EWI, also known as Asheville 50+ Works                         ... and others to reach older workers and support them with:  Career development Education Training services. Participate in periodic business services meetings as required. Attend as needed Workforce Development Board Meetings  Experienced Worker Initiative Meetings Participate in job seeker events at local career ce