Professor of Digital Skills


As broadband becomes more available, those below the digital divide may need assistance with digital skills.  

A neighbor, friend, family member may approach a steward of digital skills.

Strategy of Blending Technology Learning

According to Oxford Languages, blended learning is a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching.

Skills for a Tech Professor

What are the skills needed for an effective technology professor?

Technology Literacy

  • Learn online technologies without assistance.
  • Successfully troubleshoot familiar unfamiliar technological issues that you and learners encounter.
  • Select quality online content resources relevant to student learning needs

Digital Citizenship          

  • Model the legal and appropriate use of instructional materials.
  • Ensure student online privacy.
  • Model online safety for learners.
  • Ensure academic honesty in an online learning space.
  • Ensure access to online learning experiences for all learners.

Learning Management Systems

  • Use the tools found in a learning management system.

Education Apps

  • Use content-specific education apps outside of the learning management system.

Multimedia Creation Tools        

  • Leverage multimedia tools to create or edit content found online to meet the needs of your students.

Communication Tools  

  • Use a plethora of tools for communication with learners, parents, and other stakeholders.
  • Use student information systems to communicate activity and performance data to learners, parents, and other stakeholders.
What additional skills should a professor of digital skills include?   

Email Marc@DigLig.Net with your thoughts or comments.  Also, please let Marc know of anybody that maybe interested in becoming a Professor of Digital Skills in Western North Carolina / Metro Asheville Area.

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