What are the top 10 skills in demand?

Although Western North Carolina may not have a significant presence of Fortune Companies, we can see a trend of skills that experienced workers have to leverage in employment opportunities.

Do you call-out these skills on your resume and interview?

Here are the top 10 skills that appear most in these top 10 companies’ job postings. 

The number in parentheses indicates the number of top 10 companies for whom this skill is one of their top 10 in-demand skills.

  1. Communications (10x)
  2. Management (9x)
  3. Leadership (7x)
  4. Customer service (6x)
  5. Operations (6x)
  6. Sales (6x)
  7. Innovation (5x)
  8. Problem solving (4x)
  9. Detail oriented (4x)
  10. Presentations (3x)
Be prepared to present your experienced skillsets at your next interview.

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